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Trees + Power Lines = Danger


Every year children die or become disabled when playing in trees near power lines. Working around or trimming trees near power lines is also dangerous.

Not only is it dangerous to come into contact with trees and power lines, trees coming into contact with power lines is also the primary cause of interruption of electric service and causes short circuits and flickering lights. In the event of a snow or ice storm, the limbs on those trees may knock power lines out completely and cause it to take more time for power restoration.

The Noble REMC right-of-way crew is responsible to keep trees and limbs clear from all sides and underneath more than 1,200 miles of energized line in and around Noble County. Their primary concern is to maintain public safety and the safety of our employees, and secondly to keep power flowing reliably across our distribution lines to nearly 9,500 members.

Any tree with limbs that grow through or around power lines will be removed. Trees that are weak, diseased, dying and have the potential for falling onto power lines and causing dangerous situations will also be removed.

Click here to see our Vegetation Management Program.

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