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Load Management Program

The load management program is designed to decrease electric load in order to keep the power needed during peaking situations to a minimum. This will curtail the need to purchase power at much higher prices.

Below you will find information pertaining to the load management rate program for your irrigation systems. Please complete the rate choice form by signifying the rate you select and the number of horsepower from the well pump to the end gun for each irrigation account. Also, provide contact information and list all names, phone numbers and phone carriers of the people you wish to receive a call and/or text message in regard to the control of your irrigation systems. If you have questions, please contact Rob Hauck or Doug Dickmeyer at 260.636.2113.

Irrigation Rate

Irrigation Rate Choice Form

CT Cabinet Irrigation

Load Management Installation Sheet

Switch Status

The load management program will:

  • Be in effect May through September.
  • Be limited to one control period per day.
  • Be limited to a maximum of 40 hours each month.
  • Not controlled past 8:00 p.m.
  • Be initiated Monday through Friday.
  • Be in effect no more than five (5) consecutive hours (3-4 hours typical).

(Saturday, Sunday and holidays are exempt from control.)

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